Recent Covid-19 developments have negatively affected everyone in the world. No doubt, things are coming towards normal but it will take some time to resemble the previous routines. Fashion and style industry is among the most affected businesses worldwide due to the lockdowns. Bloomingdale and coupon.ae are trying to make shopping easier and simpler for users. This fashion store in assistance of Coupon.ae is now offering latest fashion editions and ideas. Girls who have got a low tolerance for summer beach parties should learn simple hacks to avoid embarrassments. Here is how you can be confident and comfortable while enjoying the water, sand and sun. 

Add Support For Bikini Top:

Most girls get boob growth in fifth grade. Finding a suitable padded swimsuit is a massive struggle. Some girls use inset pads for boob support. Using a one piece or an insert pad such as Silicon bikini gel pad is the best idea. These waterproof pads with excellent support for any swimsuit and bikini. Girls can find transparent or nude versions of these pads with various levels of sturdiness. 

Sand and Salt Anti-Chafe:

We recommend anti-chafe balm by the Surf Butta. It contains all natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. Girls who have an issue of chafing skin should use this balm especially to spend long time at beach. Search other chafing brands at Bloomingdale. Apply the balm in underarms, groins and underneath swimwear. Add this special anti-chafing product to your beach bag. 

Remove Lint and Pills from Swimsuit:

Most swimwear is made with some lightweight materials. These materials get lint and pills when remain inside the water for longer. Bring special lint and pill erasers such as Deneve Fabric Defuzzer. It will shave all the lint and pill present on the surface of bathing suit. Never use stainless steel blades because you can damage the swimsuit. Bring a specialized fabric defuzzer for this purpose. 

Skip Chemicals To Protect Bathing Suits And Skin:

Most dermatologists yell when it is about using chemicals for skin protection. Why a chemical is the only option? Remember, there are quality sunscreens with natural ingredients. Shop these beauty products having all natural materials from the Bloomingdale store. Most natural beauty products especially sunscreens contain zinc oxide and vitamins for additional skin healing. 

No Shave Movement:

Broadly speaking, every woman at the beach wants to have a body without hair. She wants to show off tanned, sexy and adorable legs, thighs, buttocks and even back. Therefore, use of epilators is increasing everywhere. However, the latest No-shave movement is getting recognition worldwide. We recommend women to avoid the razor blades and hair removing creams. Prefer the great epilator for hairless skin. 

Maintain Look Of Bathing Suit:

Wash the suit if it is washable. Keep it neat and clean. It should look brand new in each season. Whether you buy a new one or use the old bathing suit, it must look like a new piece. Prefer swimsuits having no phthalates, parabans and phosphates.

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