Diet for healthy weight loss

After Christmas, after the new year, before the summer holidays, from Monday. Typical times when a person usually wakes up to want to lose extra pounds. In January, and even with the arrival of the first rays of the sun, fitness centers are bursting at the seams and foods with the words “fat-free” go “on sale”. But wouldn’t it be otherwise? Try the principles for healthy weight loss. 

It’s time to stop the dates when you start losing weight and look again for a new diet that you haven’t tried yet. With a few tricks, a healthy approach to lifestyle and a modified diet, you can get the weight you need, which you can maintain for a long time. Are you going for it?

Principles promoting healthy weight loss

Principle 1: You must not starve

Not only reduce calories, but keep in mind should you mainly satisfy your hunger with the right types of foods. Why? For a simple reason. You need to satisfy the feeling that tells you, “You’re hungry, so eat.” This is due to the hunger hormone ghrelin, which sends these commands to the brain. It is produced in the stomach and is excreted when the stomach is empty.

Principle 2: Choose a diet that is healthy while satiating.

One-sided diets, where you only eat certain foods constantly or in enormous amounts (e.g. egg diet, apple diet, cabbage diet – and you can continue indefinitely) cause weight loss for some time, but it has little to do with healthy weight loss.

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Principle 3: Add Proteins

It will help you reduce your appetite, reduce hunger and increase the amount of calories you burn. Adding protein to your diet is the easiest, and most effective way to lose weight with minimal effort. Studies show that protein increases your metabolic rate and helps to suppress your appetite. In a study entitled Protein Intake and Energy Balance, relatively greater weight loss and consequently stronger weight maintenance were observed with increased protein intake.

Principle 4: Eat every 2-3 hours

If you think you will gain weight from eating often, compare the following two situations. First: you have breakfast, tithe, lunch, lunch, and dinner. You don’t starve all day, your body has enough time to process food, and your metabolism works at full speed. 

Second: you don’t eat anything all day for lack of time. You supplement your energy mainly with coffee and energy drinks. When you get home with wolf hunger, you make up for missed things. You don’t have to eat that much, but you’ll still shock your body. What happens to junk food in the evening when you go to bed? If you suspect that it will be stored on your body in the form of fat reserves and begin to form e.g. new tire around the belt, you guessed right. 

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The effects of the superfood supporting the healthy taste of Maqui berry will also help you support the natural function of metabolism. It stimulates digestion and promotes an overall increase in energy. However, it does not end with positive effects when losing weight. It affects the level of cholesterol in the blood, helps maintain the proper functioning of the immune system, and is a source of fiber, iron, calcium, B vitamins, C and protein.  

Principle 5: Sleep is alpha and omega

Lack of sleep increases fasting hormone levels and has been linked to weight gain. This is also confirmed by the study Short sleep time is associated with decreased leptin, increased ghrelin and a higher body mass index. The relationship between short usual sleep time and higher body mass index has been observed in large population samples. No change in diet will work fully if you do not give your body a rest. Therefore, make sure you sleep 7.5 – 8 hours a day.

Principle 6: Gain more muscle mass

Exercise can reduce the secretion of hunger hormones. Focus on those that will charge you with new energy. The intention is not to leave the exercise completely destroyed. Long hours spent on cardio or underweight will not make you suddenly feel hungry. However, if you enjoy it, enjoy it or try Fildena 100 or Fildena 150, the level of endorphins will increase, thanks to which you will look forward to the next exercise and it will be easier for you to keep it regular.  

Principle 7: Water

Drinking life-giving fluid can significantly affect your weight loss efforts. Water speeds up metabolism and if you drink 2 liters of water a day, you can burn 96 calories more. Even a simple drink before a meal can help reduce hunger and cause you to eat less. In a study called Water Consumption Increases Weight Loss When Intervening on a Hypo caloric Diet in Middle-Aged Adults, it was confirmed that drinking water half an hour before meals caused people to lose 44% more weight over a 12-week period. The amount of water taken before the meal was 15 ounces, which corresponds to 4.43 dl.

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