A Healthy Life is for Marital Relationships Affect

Studies have shown that couples who live happy couples are less likely to suffer from severe heart disease and other illnesses and are more likely to enjoy a healthy life. Overcoming the difficulties associated with marriage and building good relationships also affects your health.

The positive side of a good married life is significant.

In a 20-year follow-up study of health and quality of life for married couples, Professor Rick Miller (family medicine) at Brigham Young University said that if the quality of life for married couples is maintained for an extended period of time, physical health tends to be maintained.

Previous studies have shown that if you can’t stand the troubles associated with marriage, your health tends to be adversely affected, but this study suggests that good marital life has a lot to do with it. We require being mindful not only about the negative aspects of marriage but also about the positive aspects.

Studies that the right home environment extends healthy life. Suggests that a good marriage relationship maintains long-term health.

The study is based on a 20-year follow-up study of 1,681 couples aged 18 to 55 years from 1980 to 2000. It’s the longest-running study to date on the link between marriage and health quality.

As a result, it was found that there is a positive relationship that the tendency of health condition in marital life is bad for couples who have many troubles and conflicts, and good for couples who have a good married life.

Compassion for the other person reduces stress.

I also found that low marital life is also a risk factor in terms of health management. We also found that couples who are satisfied with their married life tend to try to have a dialogue to enrich their lives continually.

Researchers suspect that married couples who continue to have happy marriages support each other’s health and, as a result, create healthy lifestyle habits.

People who live unhappy couples are prone to stress, depression, increased alcohol intake, and more unhealthy diets. On the other hand, those who lead a happy vascular life. The couple can afford to consider the health of the other person.

Compassion for each other may reduce stress and prevent health deterioration. Improving relationships and Vilitra 40 and Cenforce 150 to improve intimate health.

The researchers hired 82 female teachers who were married or lived with a partner to take a program to learn meditation and how to do it. After eight weeks of meditation training, female teachers reported less depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as more empathy and compassion for their partners.

Researchers then asked female teachers and their partners to take a marital relationship test to investigate how the personal effects of meditation affect their relationships with their partners. So. After discussing each other’s dissatisfaction for 15 minutes, the researchers recorded their faces and facial expressions. A couple who show negative facial expressions, such as looking down on the other person or using hatred.

Also, female teachers trained in meditation did not show an aggressive look to their partners than those who did not. This is also proof that you have a deep understanding of your partner’s position and situation. It can be said that meditation skills have allowed us to accept our partners more broadly. The positive effect on the couple is that they are still alive five months after completing their meditation training.

If you think meditation is “suspicious” or “complex,” think of it this way. Meditation is a state in which there is no distracting smartphone or technology, conscious of the existence at the present moment. If you become aware of your passions, you will choose how you show them, how you deal with them, and in what language you send them to your partner.

Here’s some advice on how to focus on the “now” and be more considerate of yourself and your partner.

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・ Focus on breathing Every

Stop the work you are doing and concentrate on living for 60 seconds.

・ mindfully interact with people

The next time you reach a friend, try to be aware of new things (such as the clothes you are wearing and your eyes). Open your heart to the other person and observe what kind of relationship you have with the other person, such as whether you are open to another person.

・ Turn

Off the TV that you taste and eat carefully, and limit everything that distracts you. Concentrate only on meals and feel the taste and flavor of each bite.

・ Muscle training with a purpose

The next time you do muscle training, focus on your body movements and muscle sensations while closing your eyes for each set.

・ Check your feelings

Regularly, write down the feelings you are feeling in a notebook.

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